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ICEMS2017_Call_for_Papers.pdf and ICEMS2017_OnePageDigest_Template.docx

The 20th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS2017) will be held 
on 11-14 August 2017 in Sydney, Australia. This conference aims to provide a forum for researchers,
scientists, and engineers to present their latest R&D achievements and to exchange useful information
and experiences in the field of electrical machines and systems. Started in Beijing, China, in 1987,
ICEMS is a regular annual event with sponsorships from the China Electrotechnical Society (CES), 
Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers (KIEE) EMECS Society, and Institute of Electrical Engineers
of Japan Industry Applications Society (IEEJ-IAS), along with the technical co-sponsorship from the
IEEE Industry Applications Society (IEEE-IAS).

The Topics of interest are broadly categorized into, but not limited to, the following:
(1)	Permanent Magnet Motor Drives
(2)	Permanent Magnet Generator Systems
(3)	Induction Machines and Drives
(4)	DC Machines and Drives
(5)	Synchronous Machines and Drives
(6)	Reluctance Machines
(7)	Linear Machines and Magnetic Levitation
(8)	Special Machines and Actuators
(9)	Transformers
(10)	Magnetics and Field Analysis
(11)	Magnetic and Insulation Materials
(12)	Power Converters
(13)	Motion Control and Servo Systems
(14)	Sensorless Control
(15)	Machine System Modeling
(16)	Renewable Energy Systems
(17)	Energy Efficiency Systems
(18)	Reliability and Diagnostics
(19)	Noise, Vibration, EMI and EMC
(20)	Cooling Technologies
(21)	Manufacturing, Testing and Standards
(22)	Transportation and Other Applications
(23)	Electrical Engineering Education
(24)	Other Related Topics 

All presented papers will be included in the conference proceedings and submitted to the database of
IEEExplore. Selected papers will be recommended to IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications.

Conference Venue:
International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney, 14 Darling Drive, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia,

Submission of Digests and Full Papers:
Researchers of the above listed areas are invited to prepare one page digests in the format specified
in ICEMS2017_OnePageDigest_Template.docx downloadable at, and submit them to the
Technical Program Committee. After a peer review process, the authors of accepted digests will be 
invited to prepare their full papers taking into account the reviewer comments for inclusion in the
conference proceedings to be uploaded to IEEEXplore database, and present their work to the conference.
The full paper format is specified in ICEMS2017_Full_Paper_Template.doc which is downloadable from

The conference program will consist of invited keynote speeches, oral and poster presentations, and
tutorial sessions. The invited presentations will be selected from the submitted digests by the
Technical Program Committee. Each paper must be presented by an author. No-show papers will not be
eligible for inclusion in the conference proceedings and IEEEXplore database.

Exhibition and Sponsorship:
An exhibition of related services, equipment, materials, software, technical journals and books will
be held as a part of ICEMS2017. Industrial companies, research institutions, and organizations that 
are interested in purchasing booth space for exhibition or supporting conference events should contact
the organizing committee by email to The Exhibitor and Sponsor Prospectus
is available at under "Exhibition and Sponsorship".

Click at the filenames to download:  
ICEMS2017_Call_for_Papers.pdf  and  ICEMS2017_OnePageDigest_Template.docx