ICEMS2017 Keynote Speeches:

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·        Professor Z.Q. Zhu, “Current Developments and Trends in Permanent Magnet Machines and Drives”

·        Professor Thomas M. Jahns, “The Return of Current-Source Inverters in Future PM Machine Drives”

·        Professor Akira Chiba, “Recent Development of Switched Reluctance Motors for Hybrid Electrical Vehicles”

·        Professor Jian Guo Zhu, “Robust Design Optimization for High Quality Production of Electrical Machines and Drive Systems”

·        Professor Zhengming Zhao, “Power Electronics in Modern Power Grids”

·        Professor Ping Zheng, “Key Technologies of Compound-Structure Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machines for Hybrid Electric Vehicles”

·        Professor Sang-Yong Jung, “Design Optimization of IPMSM for Electric Vehicle Propulsion in Terms of NVH Characteristics and Energy Consumption”

·        Professor Po-Tai Cheng, “Medium Voltage Power Electronics in the Smart Grid Applications”



Two tutorial sessions on linear induction machines and permanent magnet AC machines, respectively, will be run in parallel during 13:45 - 17:00 on Friday 11 August 2017. To find the detailed information, please click at the links below:

·         ICEMS2017 Tutorial One, and

·         ICEMS2017 Tutorial Two.